Blame it on the Moon.

It seems that some people have mistaken the paying customers of the LL service, SL, as sign-ups/supporters to their causes and opinions. It must be painful to be that deluded.

Some days, I am truly astonished at the expectations that some customers/users of SL have of the “community.” There seems to be a growing expectation from the victim community to have every personality that offends them removed from the grid. The OBR debacle was enlightening. It took precisely two minutes to lose respect for two individuals that I had read and enjoyed over the years. That is just the way it works. I wonder how many that grotesque demonstration also put off of any future OBR campaigns. I stated that I am against all violence and I was told that I support a rape culture. I stated that I believe holding such events in an entertainment medium which boasts creative freedoms for such things as animated depictions of rape, vor, Gor, BDSM and surely a host of other things that I would not like, serves to trivialize the efforts of those fighting against violence…of any kind. I have said it before and I am not ashamed of my opinion, you don’t go to a comedy club and interrupt the regularly scheduled show to give a testimonial of your life and all the tragic details thereof. It is not what the customer paid for and they do not, just because they are within the same space as you, owe you audience, compassion, trust, and/or support. Deal with it.

I don’t owe any campaign or cause 100% of my support simply because of my gender. I don’t feel oppressed and do not feel obligated to represent myself as oppressed because some percentage of my gender is or feels oppressed. I don’t feel unequal to my male counterparts and I will not scream as loud as I can because some man is making a 25 cents more an hour than I am. I’m the one who negotiated my salary and parachute plan. If he was a better negotiator, yay for him. I’m in control of my life and I have the power and the ability to change the things that don’t suit me. That is the message that I send my daughter and I believe that is the correct message. I will not support any cause that is represented by hostile misandric females that will turn on their own if full compliance and agreement to their extremist behavior and opinions is not served in a manner in which they personally see fitting by the rest of us sporting a vagina. Fuck that ladies. Becoming what you hate compounds the problem; it does not alleviate it or provide assurance of a comfortable future for those you profess to be representing. You don’t represent me, or any of the women that I know. You are an embarrassment to our gender. Calm the fuck down.

SL for me is an escape, an opportunity to have fun, create, chat, relax…, then log off, and go on about my life, which includes the joys and all of the tedious details that each of us must attend to everyday. I did not sign up for SL to utilize it as a platform for causes and charities that are personal to me, so I certainly do not feel committed or obligated to serving yours. I also did not sign up to SL to become part of a support system to everyone who feels victimized by life. I do not feel any responsibility or obligation to believe or spend any amount of time reassuring those who are constantly presenting far-fetched stories of personal tragedies, failures, or that they have been diagnosed with yet another condition or disease, which they constantly introduce through implication or direct statements every other month on feeds, forums, and/or blogs. I have no patience for sympathy seeking attention whores. Oh, BTW, did you know that kind of attention seeking is considered a form of bullying

In my opinion, it takes the smallest minds that the world has to offer to assert that people who do not agree with your opinion or support your cause in the same manner and with the same degree of conviction as you do are pro-rape, pro-violence, evil, twisted, etc. You are well within your right to give space to those you feel emotionally connected to in order that they may gang up on to demonize and demean those they feel have not given them the support, respect, or consideration that they deserve because they have reported in an online entertainment venue that they suffer from depression, bullying, obesity, disease, poverty, etc. You only look like a damn fool after you just finished a post about how the “ganging up” on individuals is just so awful. When you further remove any post from the person being “ganged up” on in the thread, well, you don’t need to be told what that makes you. When you censor opinions from other women because they do not match your own or they do not support your cause in a manner that you see fitting, then you are doing exactly that which you have accused men of doing. Carry on and perhaps one day before you suck your last breath you will realize why your efforts looked like a emotionally charged death match of ring around the rosy.

I’m well within my rights to say STFU and take your need to be coddled and absolved of all personal responsibility to an area of the internet specifically intended for you to obtain support and help for your particular issues. I would venture a confident guess that if the ToS indicated that as a user you must adopt every cause, believe every story that is published , provide the proper care, and consideration to the said to be hurting or victimized, and display only a sense of humor that it fitting to the most dainty of sensitivities, then there would be no users of SL.

I’m no longer willing to listen to “it’s not fair,” as it is indeed fair. If you have access to the internet then you are equipped with the same tool that I am. The playing ground is level.


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