Seven Facts of my SL

My 7 SL Facts:

1. Everything that I know about SL photography I learned from Caitlin Tobias and Strawberry Singh’s website.

2. I love to dress my digital Barbie and I always feel compelled to dress her according to the RL season of my RL geographic area.

3. I learned more about building, posing, and animating from hanging out in SL sandboxes and Torley’s tutes than I have from reading the wiki.

4. The second oldest friend on my friends list is Sy Beck, who I should add, taught me to ALIGN PLANAR!!!! Lol!

5. I explore a number of virtual worlds but SL feels the most like virtual home.

6. When people I have “known” for a number of years do not post/log on for a while, I do get a brief pang of wonder if they are “ok”…and no, this does not include Seicher Rae…things always seem more peaceful to me when she is not actively participating as SR.

7. I spend most of my time alone in SL because most of my friends are not in my time zone so I usually only “see” them on weekends or when I am on holiday.

Want more SL 7 facts meme…start at the beginning 


One response to “Seven Facts of my SL

  1. Number 6 has happened to me so many times where I’ve noticed an old friend has just vanished without a word and it totally freaks me out. Luckily, they do eventually login, but it’s funny how attached we get to people here. Thanks for participating. ❤

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