Play Day.

A late start this morning…these first days of Spring have been cold and no promise of bright shiney days with warm soothing temps looks to be is sight…so, great couple of days to hang out in SL. I slept later than normal today as my little one is tracked out of school and this is the first weekend in many where I have not had my attention divided between playing in SL and trying to assist with projects that seem wildly elaborate for fifth grade!

I read the feeds upon awakening almost every morning. I like to see the pics of the time zoners that I don’t get a chance to know from day to day interaction. I did not see too many this morning but Venus had posted about a contest: .    I know that my SL photography skillz are still inferior, but I might participate in this contest just because…well…contests are fun!

I took several snapshots but since you can only enter one…I’m not sure that I happy with any of them, so I may have to try again…lol…although I will find fault with all of them and post the one that is “good enough.”




The sim was crowded and derendering the avatars was resulting in derendering of key structures as well…who knows…so I decided to busy myself with something else for a bit and I will return later.

Soooooooooo…I decided today was as good a day as any to torture myself with mesh hands as it just does not make sense to have such nice feet from Gos and hands that look like they were fashioned with a circular saw.


I’m not going to complain about the creators and the PITA time of it I have had trying to color match the hands, because I’m very much one of those people who half ass reads the instructions and so I’m sure that it will just take a bit of time and patience…two things I rarely have 🙂  The mesh hands are from SLink Sanctum (83.9375,93.9062,503.035) .  The hands shown in this photo are the “Elegant” hands and they are indeed beautiful.


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