It’s Real, Dammit!


Her opening paragraph:

It is often mentioned that Second Life is hard to use; that it’s hard to figure out how to use; that the viewers (official and third-party) have complicated user interfaces and these can be confusing to use and get to grips with. Now, as an “experienced” user, I could don my “elite SL user” dress uniform and medals and dismiss these complaints as “yet more whining from the stupid ‘n00bs’”, while proceeding to mock new users for their poorly-proportioned avatars, their clumsy walk, their ugly skins and their invisiprim-plagued shoes.

You may think I’m exaggerating here. I’m not. I’ve seen in the SL feeds and the forums some people openly mock “n00bs” and treat them as if they’re second- or third-class users, simply because they joined Second Life a mere few hours ago (or even a few days ago) and are (a) saddled with the – admittedly ugly – default avatars, (b) struggling to get to grips with how to do things in SL. Some of these “esteemed” people actually go and pull these stunts off at “Welcome Areas” when their lives become even more unbearably pathetic than everyone knows they usually are.

I seriously have not stopped laughing to the point of tear shedding after watching the two-day span of histrionics from this miserable human being who is so well-known for her hypocrisy and extremist views that one might only expect to find in a…well you can figure that out.  Her description of noobs should have them signing up and buying land, eh? 

I’m not a jackass whisperer so I don’t think there is any purpose in explaining things to people like Mona, who is clearly a bitter, hostile, femzilla who ironically calls herself Slutrix..hahah…It is worth noting, again, that you should not believe everything you read on the interwebs.

A few of us saw Mona’s butthurt fueled rage yesterday on the feeds as she attempted to target an individual as a bully to noobs. As she does in her shit filled blog post, she also attempts to say that the bullying of noobs is applauded by her target’s friends.

Like many feed regulars, we know that the person of interest to Mona has posted a few times that she often outfits an alt and goes to the welcome area to make comical pics and commentary with said alt. Some of us refer to this as “Having Fun.”

That said, what Mona does not tell you is that her target was a long time mentor to noobs. She is also one of the more fun and prolific posters on the feeds. She shares fashion finds, cool sims to explore, and often just entertains us with fun and whimsy and often some pretty damn fantastic art shots. She also does not mention that her target spends a bit of her free time helping noobs, providing information, or just engaging in conversation with noobies and oldbies alike at the Welcome Area(s). That would be inconvenient to her goal to demonize those to whom she could never hold a candle in talent or grace.

If I were new to SL and I had a choice to meet someone one upon landing, it would most preferably be an individual who has a sense of humor, style, and creativity, and not some butt clinched femzilla with the most wicked case of butthurt feuled misdirected rage.

But, it is Friday, and it was worth the laughs that it provided.  Carry on.


All the Cool Kids are Doing It

Or are they…

I decided to create a new forum  because I simply cannot stand the format of the Second Life Forum and it appears that the constant abuse of the AR button to keep foes in check is on going.  I like to have a place to discuss anything relative to SL or not without cries about being off topic or someone feeling like you did not take their feelings into consideration before you developed an opinion and…gasp…posted it. 

I did not create a server and host the forum on my own, because I want to interact with people without giving away my personal information or having access to theirs.  The forum is hosted by the forum software provider and I paid extra to keep my domain out of the WHOIS directory.  I also upgraded the forum so that only adverts that I might add appear and none of the users of the forum will be inundated with ads…because I hate forums that ad bomb me, so I took all steps that I could to ensure that ads only appear to those not logged in as users/members of the forum.

It is difficult to get people to join forums anymore.  Social media has reduced communications down to 140 character snippets of info sharing and it may just be the preference anymore.  I like good discussions and I like uncensored discussions.   I like to be able to express myself without a set of rigid rules guiding my opinions. 

Both my blog followers have already joined the forum (hahaha j/k) but it is a public forum open to any and all interested in virtual worlds, humor, and lively discussion to join.   The only rigid rule there is that you will have to police yourself.  

Hope to see you there!



I just had to blog about this avatar made by Kaelin Westland ^^. She is the most amazing mesh avatar I have come across yet! You can get her here: at the excellent cost of only $349L! In my opinion, the marketplace ad does not do this beauty justice.  She can be worn with or without the horns and spiney things.  You will note from the pic below that I removed the read eyes, because, well, I don’t like red eyes as I tend to think it lends a bit of Hell Boy cheeziness to an otherwise delightful work of art.  This does present an issue with hollow sockets, but with the black box that I use to shoot (because I am just that damn creative…lol) it provided the look I wanted for the pics.  I was able to use my FATEeyes : to play around with different looks, however, even using the large eyes there were some hollow head still showing.  If you are like me and just wanting to use the avatar for pics and not RP’ing though, you can still get some great pics with the FATEeyes, you just have to be cognizant of the angles of which you snap your shots.  I will add a piccy of the avatar with the FATEeyes later, I don’t have them on this laptop at present. 


She is just so beautiful.  Of course if she existed in RL it would be a real shit your pants kind of moment if such a creature was to cast a shadow upon you, but in SL, she is just stunning.  To the dismay of many, I tend to like to take tons of snapshots with different avatars or using masks to change my normal avi’s looks.  My inventory is overloaded with masks and skins, many of which I don’t show because they simply do not photograph well.  My love for this avi is her very photogenic nature.  So far, I have not found a single WL that does not bring out some pleasing aspect of her fine details. 

I usually do not love most of the pics I take in SL.  Very few look pleasing to my eye.  I have never been a huge fan of the Ansel Adam’ish black and white photography, in fact, truth be told, I just assume have my eyes dug out with forks than to have to view more than one Ansel Adam print in a single decade.   I don’t know why.  But, I have noticed that my blog has  taken on somewhat of a black and white nature…lol. 

To wrap it up, she is well worth the 349L so give her a go if it is your thing!  You won’t be disappointed!  Have fun!