I just had to blog about this avatar made by Kaelin Westland ^^. She is the most amazing mesh avatar I have come across yet! You can get her here: at the excellent cost of only $349L! In my opinion, the marketplace ad does not do this beauty justice.  She can be worn with or without the horns and spiney things.  You will note from the pic below that I removed the read eyes, because, well, I don’t like red eyes as I tend to think it lends a bit of Hell Boy cheeziness to an otherwise delightful work of art.  This does present an issue with hollow sockets, but with the black box that I use to shoot (because I am just that damn creative…lol) it provided the look I wanted for the pics.  I was able to use my FATEeyes : to play around with different looks, however, even using the large eyes there were some hollow head still showing.  If you are like me and just wanting to use the avatar for pics and not RP’ing though, you can still get some great pics with the FATEeyes, you just have to be cognizant of the angles of which you snap your shots.  I will add a piccy of the avatar with the FATEeyes later, I don’t have them on this laptop at present. 


She is just so beautiful.  Of course if she existed in RL it would be a real shit your pants kind of moment if such a creature was to cast a shadow upon you, but in SL, she is just stunning.  To the dismay of many, I tend to like to take tons of snapshots with different avatars or using masks to change my normal avi’s looks.  My inventory is overloaded with masks and skins, many of which I don’t show because they simply do not photograph well.  My love for this avi is her very photogenic nature.  So far, I have not found a single WL that does not bring out some pleasing aspect of her fine details. 

I usually do not love most of the pics I take in SL.  Very few look pleasing to my eye.  I have never been a huge fan of the Ansel Adam’ish black and white photography, in fact, truth be told, I just assume have my eyes dug out with forks than to have to view more than one Ansel Adam print in a single decade.   I don’t know why.  But, I have noticed that my blog has  taken on somewhat of a black and white nature…lol. 

To wrap it up, she is well worth the 349L so give her a go if it is your thing!  You won’t be disappointed!  Have fun! 



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