All the Cool Kids are Doing It

Or are they…

I decided to create a new forum  because I simply cannot stand the format of the Second Life Forum and it appears that the constant abuse of the AR button to keep foes in check is on going.  I like to have a place to discuss anything relative to SL or not without cries about being off topic or someone feeling like you did not take their feelings into consideration before you developed an opinion and…gasp…posted it. 

I did not create a server and host the forum on my own, because I want to interact with people without giving away my personal information or having access to theirs.  The forum is hosted by the forum software provider and I paid extra to keep my domain out of the WHOIS directory.  I also upgraded the forum so that only adverts that I might add appear and none of the users of the forum will be inundated with ads…because I hate forums that ad bomb me, so I took all steps that I could to ensure that ads only appear to those not logged in as users/members of the forum.

It is difficult to get people to join forums anymore.  Social media has reduced communications down to 140 character snippets of info sharing and it may just be the preference anymore.  I like good discussions and I like uncensored discussions.   I like to be able to express myself without a set of rigid rules guiding my opinions. 

Both my blog followers have already joined the forum (hahaha j/k) but it is a public forum open to any and all interested in virtual worlds, humor, and lively discussion to join.   The only rigid rule there is that you will have to police yourself.  

Hope to see you there!


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