It’s Real, Dammit!


Her opening paragraph:

It is often mentioned that Second Life is hard to use; that it’s hard to figure out how to use; that the viewers (official and third-party) have complicated user interfaces and these can be confusing to use and get to grips with. Now, as an “experienced” user, I could don my “elite SL user” dress uniform and medals and dismiss these complaints as “yet more whining from the stupid ‘n00bs’”, while proceeding to mock new users for their poorly-proportioned avatars, their clumsy walk, their ugly skins and their invisiprim-plagued shoes.

You may think I’m exaggerating here. I’m not. I’ve seen in the SL feeds and the forums some people openly mock “n00bs” and treat them as if they’re second- or third-class users, simply because they joined Second Life a mere few hours ago (or even a few days ago) and are (a) saddled with the – admittedly ugly – default avatars, (b) struggling to get to grips with how to do things in SL. Some of these “esteemed” people actually go and pull these stunts off at “Welcome Areas” when their lives become even more unbearably pathetic than everyone knows they usually are.

I seriously have not stopped laughing to the point of tear shedding after watching the two-day span of histrionics from this miserable human being who is so well-known for her hypocrisy and extremist views that one might only expect to find in a…well you can figure that out.  Her description of noobs should have them signing up and buying land, eh? 

I’m not a jackass whisperer so I don’t think there is any purpose in explaining things to people like Mona, who is clearly a bitter, hostile, femzilla who ironically calls herself Slutrix..hahah…It is worth noting, again, that you should not believe everything you read on the interwebs.

A few of us saw Mona’s butthurt fueled rage yesterday on the feeds as she attempted to target an individual as a bully to noobs. As she does in her shit filled blog post, she also attempts to say that the bullying of noobs is applauded by her target’s friends.

Like many feed regulars, we know that the person of interest to Mona has posted a few times that she often outfits an alt and goes to the welcome area to make comical pics and commentary with said alt. Some of us refer to this as “Having Fun.”

That said, what Mona does not tell you is that her target was a long time mentor to noobs. She is also one of the more fun and prolific posters on the feeds. She shares fashion finds, cool sims to explore, and often just entertains us with fun and whimsy and often some pretty damn fantastic art shots. She also does not mention that her target spends a bit of her free time helping noobs, providing information, or just engaging in conversation with noobies and oldbies alike at the Welcome Area(s). That would be inconvenient to her goal to demonize those to whom she could never hold a candle in talent or grace.

If I were new to SL and I had a choice to meet someone one upon landing, it would most preferably be an individual who has a sense of humor, style, and creativity, and not some butt clinched femzilla with the most wicked case of butthurt feuled misdirected rage.

But, it is Friday, and it was worth the laughs that it provided.  Carry on.


2 responses to “It’s Real, Dammit!

  1. To paraphrase and expand upon my comment about this elsewhere,

    …”So I presume those avis personally went to her [Mona/Slutrix] and told her that Cait was trolling them or, or, or she made up the scenario in her head and published it thereby proving she’s a malicious fantasist and err….a troll.

    Some people really need to think before they type and then read what they’ve written.”…

    As any “intelligent” person would have realised the pics were merely an act of whimsy and comedy. If they had included the avatars name then that would have been a cruel act.

    However, to start publishing on your “closed to comment {apart from ass kisser friends}” SL feed, and on your own “editorial approved” blog that the said perpetrator is cruel, a bully, a troll, part of a clique and single-handedly destroying Second Life then that is the epitome of hypocrisy.

    When you look at something and then construct evil from it in your own mind regardless of any other evidence or any other context and furthermore do not allow any contrary opinion to yours to be aired then it is you who is being the bully, you who is being cruel, you who is being the troll and you who has the sociopathic problem.

    I note that her comments received far fewer “loves” than the actual pics. Probably because her comments were a personalised slur while the pics were anonymous comedy that made people smile. Therein lies the difference that a modicum of intelligence can discern.

    I’m sure Walmart have some corporate forum so maybe this woman can next let loose her sociopathic tendencies against the plethora of people who post, “People You See at Walmart” pics.

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