Free To Be You Contest!



This has probably been done before…so you can withhold from me the gold star for creativity…but it will be fun!  But seriously, what is contest with no prize…it is a contest with no prize!!!  Ok…you L lovers, fine! The prize will be 10,000L…that is right, I will part with $40.79 USD of my very own disposable income for you to entertain me!


1. The alt avatar must have a born on freshness date of at least January 25, 2014.  You must have a main that can be verified.

2. You can not enter the default starter avatar even though technically it is free…How boring ;P

3. Everything that you outfit, equip, or adorn your alt avatar with must be a freebie!

4. Yes, Demos are free…but…no…not allowed!

5. Join the group and upload your pics here:

6. Only one alt entry – 2 pics allowed!

7. Have fun!

I will participate but will of course not be entered in the prize pool.   The contest will end next Saturday…February 1, 2014!

Can’t wait to see your entries!  ALT UP!





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