Memory Lane


And the inconvenient truth…

Seicher calls bullshit


2 responses to “Memory Lane

  1. According to this (archived, so her words cannot be changed), she has changed her views basically 180 degrees.

    People are allowed to change their minds. It’s a right we all have and that allows us to grow up. Now, when the change is so radical and toward the violence line, I can’t but wonder what makes a person go from supporting “no violence, no agendas” to “exclusion and violence against those I don’t like”.

    Perhaps the change never happened because the first stance was a lie. Then the question would be “why?”

  2. Seicher is an opportunist, manipulator, and a liar. She did not like Scylla so in that particular case the attitude had to be flippant, arrogant, and dismissive because she falsely assumes that the world gives something greater than a shit about her opinions. OBR was just an another opportunity for her to attempt to gain sympathy for herself while demonizing those that she dislikes. It is, for her, just the same old song and dance.

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