Hope…a funny thing it is.

When I was younger, I was filled with hopes and dreams, rather the idealistic type that is so appropriate for youth lacking real world experiences. Though I changed directions late in the game, the same hopes and dreams remain. Some I’m living, some I’m still hoping for…and waiting…lol.

I grew up with a chronically ill father who suffered in ways that looking back now, seems unimaginable, but they did not then because my father was always filled with so much hope and positive energy. His hope for health, for medical progress, and ultimately a cure kept him alive for as long as he did live. His hope was infectious, and empowering, and despite his illness, he forged out a very successful life because he simply did not lose hope. He died young, 52, but he lived every minute of every day that he was physically able. I recall thinking then that in the instance of his death that even false hope is had better than no hope at all.

For me, as I progress forward in my life, career, hope is always present. To lose hope despite some very life altering hurts along the way seemed like swinging the doors wide open and inviting in defeat. To do so would seem unnatural to me.

I took some time (a lot) yesterday to read the thread from the link that I posted in my previous blog entry. I recognized how my experiences online and with different individuals have caused my views to change in some regards, not all. I have grown more cynical for sure…but I have grown. My life is good and I recognize how fortunate that I am, when so many are not. I hope that I keep growing from my experiences, the good ones, as well as the bad. I hope that the work each day makes the difference in the lives of the children we make therapies for, and the adults as well. Mostly, though it has been difficult from time to time, I hope that I never lose hope and that I have the mental and emotional acuity to recognize the good, the strength, and the growth that is born from adversity.

Read moar 🙂


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