Dark Day


It is always a dark date/day for me.  It is still hard, but it is getting easier.  I smile more now when I remember and cry less.   I have some awesome friends that posted some pics on FB that brought back some great memories and some laughs, as well as a few, OMG…what were we thinking!  Bitter sweetness.  February is a tough month with all of the loss experienced.  I allow myself the whole month to swan dive into the pit of apathy, wallow around in it, and then GTFO.  Tomorrow will begin my Spring.


4 responses to “Dark Day

  1. Sending you some hugs..it’s all I can do eh? You have been in my thoughts this month, as I know this isn’t the best of all 12 for you, but…it’s almost over and yeah…Spring is coming!

    • Aww…You don’t have to remember 🙂 I found a lot to smile about in our conversations last month 🙂 They were more valuable than you even knew ❤

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