Ima Off the Grid

I had a brief conversation with a friend inworld last night that turned out to be the text based equivalent to an elbow to the ribs and at least one black eye ;P Just kidding.

I think most every human feels a compulsion to defend themselves against repeated accusations of stalking, trolling, harassing, someone who mocks cancer, mental illness, a rape apologist, being bat shit crazy, pathological, the list goes on…and on…and on. These things are not true and while it seems legitimate in my mind to vigorously fight against these accusations, a self-defense is not what it appears as online. What seems obvious and logical as you sit behind your keyboard, does not translate in a crowd of strangers who have not spent the last 4.5 trying to undo the constant assertions of a very motivated manipulator. What ultimately happens is that you just do yourself in until you become a persona for which people do not hesitate to call cunt, irrelevant, bitch, bat shit crazy, so on and so forth. My compulsion to defend myself is a waste of time and energy, and realistically, I don’t require a defense.

For that reason, I am taking Ima off the grid. I cleared Ima’s friends list last night without explanation to those who were removed, but hopefully this post will shed light on the “why” of the action.

I enjoy SL photography, art, making poses, animations, building, learning Blender, etc. SL has been a part of me for nearly 7 years now and I have made some dear friends, and valued acquaintances. I will not leave SL, but I will start over with a new avatar that is unknown to everyone except those for which I care to be known by. It is not my goal to deceive others, but I, like most, would prefer to enjoy my SL in peace, and in a manner more consistent with who I really am instead who I have become known as. I take responsibility for the reputation, but it has become such a contrast to RL me that it is no longer comfortable.

I hope those that I removed so unceremoniously will accept a friend request from my new avatar, once she is established and understand, at least in part, my motivation for starting over.

Bonus: Clean Inventory

Happy SL’ing!

Trolling in IM…Is Still Trolling

[14:40] Landa Crystal: (Saved Thu Apr 24 17:34:01 2014)Venus what is your problem?
[14:40] Landa Crystal: (Saved Thu Apr 24 17:35:13 2014)If you have a problem with me tell me and we will fix. You do not know who I am so Cool it woman
[14:43] Venus Petrov: Hi Landa, I don’t have a clue what it is you are talking about.
[14:43] Landa Crystal: Really?
[14:43] Landa Crystal: did you not read my blog?
[14:43] Landa Crystal: if you did not then my apologies
[14:43] Landa Crystal: but if you did
[14:43] Venus Petrov: I did not know that you have a blog.
[14:43] Landa Crystal: then I am happy I was wrong
[14:43] Venus Petrov: OK
[14:43] Landa Crystal: Just do not mess with me
[14:44] Landa Crystal: if you do
[14:44] Landa Crystal: I will give it back
[14:44] Landa Crystal: get it?
[14:44] Venus Petrov: You sound so threatening. I have no clue what was in your blog that you might be upset with me about.
[14:44] Landa Crystal: I am not upset
[14:44] Landa Crystal: I just want you to know
[14:45] Venus Petrov: Kind of a curious way of introducing yourself. Anyway, enjoy your day Landa.
[14:45] Landa Crystal: I am not introducing myself
[14:46] Landa Crystal: I am just warning you to not mess with me
[14:46] Landa Crystal: good day


And the post referred to in the comments…How SR returned to the feeds…clearly demonstrating that she has not even come close to moving on…