Trolling in IM…Is Still Trolling

[14:40] Landa Crystal: (Saved Thu Apr 24 17:34:01 2014)Venus what is your problem?
[14:40] Landa Crystal: (Saved Thu Apr 24 17:35:13 2014)If you have a problem with me tell me and we will fix. You do not know who I am so Cool it woman
[14:43] Venus Petrov: Hi Landa, I don’t have a clue what it is you are talking about.
[14:43] Landa Crystal: Really?
[14:43] Landa Crystal: did you not read my blog?
[14:43] Landa Crystal: if you did not then my apologies
[14:43] Landa Crystal: but if you did
[14:43] Venus Petrov: I did not know that you have a blog.
[14:43] Landa Crystal: then I am happy I was wrong
[14:43] Venus Petrov: OK
[14:43] Landa Crystal: Just do not mess with me
[14:44] Landa Crystal: if you do
[14:44] Landa Crystal: I will give it back
[14:44] Landa Crystal: get it?
[14:44] Venus Petrov: You sound so threatening. I have no clue what was in your blog that you might be upset with me about.
[14:44] Landa Crystal: I am not upset
[14:44] Landa Crystal: I just want you to know
[14:45] Venus Petrov: Kind of a curious way of introducing yourself. Anyway, enjoy your day Landa.
[14:45] Landa Crystal: I am not introducing myself
[14:46] Landa Crystal: I am just warning you to not mess with me
[14:46] Landa Crystal: good day

And the post referred to in the comments…How SR returned to the feeds…clearly demonstrating that she has not even come close to moving on…



11 responses to “Trolling in IM…Is Still Trolling

  1. What’s the word I’m looking for…oh yeah, “Dafuq!?” If this is as random as you portray it then what an example of twisted logic, paranoia and hypocrisy if ever I saw one.

  2. This is reallys awfull….”[14:44] Landa Crystal: I will give it back”

    How can people conduct like this?
    Venus reacted so good, and well thought!

    • Exactly! Who is the troll here? Most trolls respond to something, Landa seems to be going with an extraordinary strategy of, “I will attack people without reason in case they may attack me for some reason that I am as yet unsure of.” A philosophy made popular by one G.W.Bush. One wonders who else she had similar IMs with that day. She’s darkened my opinion of her for sure – unfollowed-.

  3. Oh, you knew of her? I do not recognize her name, but I’m not around as much anymore. Apparently she (Landa) has a blog and she had made a post about “Trolling and Flaming.” Yesterday, I believe it was yesterday, Venus had posted a general QoTD, which inquired as to whether or not writing about trolling was form of trolling. This was more in response to a link I had sent her (Venus) a few days back which featured Ms. “I have let it go and moved on” Rae posting about having been the target of trolls for which she, as in typical form, named Ima, Storm, Venus, Pep, …not necessarily in that order mind you (I’ll post a screenshot). Landa however believed that Venus’ QoTD was directed at her so she took it upon herself to be offended and sent the warning IM to Venus.

  4. She IMed me Sy but that was after I had posted. She called me ‘evil’. She really shouldn’t try to flatter me It plays havoc with my humility.

  5. Yes. If you look at one of my posts in Venus’s thread, I am answering her IM. Where I talk about her dignity etc.

  6. Landa should have just saved herself the trouble and left the conversation at the point which she admitted her mistake and offered her apology. Instead, she chose to threaten retaliation for some perceived slight, which had never actually occurred. Then, to make matters worse, she chose to start shit with Venus on her own feed post, thereby instigating the drama which we saw unfold.

    I completely understand the motivation of those who wish to defend their friend from attacks, as that is exactly what I attempted to do for Venus…. but, it takes a good amount of self-delusion not to eventually come to the realization that one’s own friend didn’t handle themselves well from the start and insisting on continuing to paint the very one who was the initial target of such disrespectful behavior as the villain in the exchange, when that was clearly not the case.

    I also understand the propensity of some to place the blame on Venus’ head for this fiasco, based on nothing more than their own prior interaction with her. But, such biased-based judgements simply don’t hold water, when taking into consideration the actual facts of the matter. Nevertheless, such behavior comes as no surprise.


    • Indeed the behavior is not surprising. It is fascinating to watch individuals so strongly defend their right to be offensive, but rebel and lash out to the point of lost dignity over having been offended in return.

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