Old School



Yesterday was the 3rd best day of my real life.  It was so good, I had to smoke a cigarette at the conclusion.  It did not start out that way. No, instead it was just a comedy of errors from the moment my feet hit the floor.  I had loaded a new update to my Note 3 phone, not realizing that it would knock out my programmed alarms.  I overslept so I had to hit the ground in a mad dash because I needed to be at a meeting within the hour.  My daughter is out of school so I had to get her to my mother’s house, which is not that far, but of course the traffic was insane.  However, my mind was so focused on getting to my meeting on time, I drove half way to work before I realized I had not dropped her off!  Damn!  I made it in time for the meeting only to find out it had been cancelled, which I would have known if I had not left my work cell on the charger at home.   Next I headed for my office to find the President of North American Operations sitting in front of my desk.  Oh shit…this means either something really bad has happened or something really great is about to happen.   Something great happened and my crazy morning culminated into that moment where you could swear the sky parted and the angels sang just for you…It was the moment where the blood, sweat, and tears were confirmed as well worth it…finally…I have reached my goal.  It is true that nothing worth having is easy though.

Which leads me to today.  I have been working in Blender all day, determined to understand the error of my ways.  No such luck.  What worked for me last week has not worked today so I had to take the dog for a walk around the block so I could utter a series of expletives out of earshot of the fam.  Good gawd I do not understand why I have such difficulty with this program…But, alas…I do, and I decided not to irritate myself further with it today.

I like building with prims, but clearly that is not practical anymore in SL.  To sate my building desires, I have been using a product that I absolutely love that allows for a mesh build but with the old school feel of prim building.  I have found the products of  ZimberLab give you the joy of a mesh build with the added bonus of building old school.  These products are worth every L as they are richly detailed, snap to grid, and they come with all of the AO maps so that you can make your textures with the same depth you would with a baked texture.   I would be remiss if I did not mention the customer service…always responds quickly, patiently, and with excellent advice.  If you are like me, and career and family do not allow you to spend the requisite hours of educating yourself on the popular modeling programs so that you can produce something in short order, I highly recommend these products.  They are outstanding.

I will not give up on Blender.  I have made a great deal of progress, but I’m still at ground zero as far as I’m concerned…so for relaxing, I will enjoy the delightful creations of others to fulfill my building goals.   Nothing worth having is easy.

Happy holiday weekend to you USA’ers!








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