Open Letter to SR-STFU

whatI actuallysaid whatIdidnotsay2whatI actuallysaid

To be clear without your victim spin-If you have something to say to or about me, then say it to or about me on my feed or on this blog.  It is open.  Always has been.  Your passive-aggressive bullshit is old and tired.  Battle to the end is not about winning or losing as there is nothing to win or lose here.  It means, bring your sorry cowardly ass to my feed, or this blog and say what you have to say directly to me.  Get it out of your system so that YOU can move on and stop posting through direct naming or by way of implication about me on your feed, in your profile, or on your blog.  It is time for you to stop acting your avatar age and start acting like a grown adult.

I don’t give one fuck about your tales of woe.  Your made up tales about a sociopath…Did you forget that you posted every detail of that scenario for all to read?  Do you really think that people did not read his rejection of you and you boldly driving to the “sociopaths” house to tell his wife of the affair and emailing his work so that he did not get out of the relationship with you “scot free” did not frame you as the sociopath?  You truly are delusional.  Where exactly do you think the logic is in that you were not afraid to go to his house in real life person, but your were afraid to log into pixel land because of him.  Asinine. Your life sucks because you made it suck.  Suck it up.

I have not stalked you for years or even a minute.  What I have done, instead, is where I see you posting about me by name or by implication is post about you.  And I will continue to do so until such time as you STFU and cease ever mentioning me in any way, shape, or form on any blog, feed, or forum.  The choice is yours, so if you truly do want the shit to be over, then STFU.

So, to summarize, in case you are still having difficulty comprehending, battle to the end means, bring your horseshit directly, post like a grown up and stop being a passive aggressive coward.  The feed is big enough for the both of us.  If you want it to end, then end it…STFU.   You can rest assured that should you stop your woe is me character assassination attempt on Ima, you will hear nothing more from me about you.   It’s true, you can ask your rather well behaved alt…I don’t bother with her.

STFU.  Bye.








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