20 Personal Questions Meme


Meme instructions: Answer the following 20 personal questions about your Second Life. Don’t forget to share a link to your post in the comments!

  1. When and how did you discover Second Life? – I honestly do not recall.  Based on my rez date it was 2007 😛
  2. Did you know about virtual worlds before or was this your first experience with them? –  I have always been a gamer, but no, the virtual world was a new concept for me and Second Life was my first experience.
  3. Has Second Life met your expectations? –  I can’t say that I had any expectations.
  4. If you could teleport back to the first ten minutes of your avatar’s slife, what would you tell yourself? – Pick a name that is not related to your career so that you will not constantly be reminded of work via your avatar name. Dumbass.
  5. How long did it take you to master avatar flying and driving vehicles inworld? – Avatar flying, never had an issue, driving…lol…yeah, still working on that.  It has only been 7 years, stop rushing me!
  6. Do you have a mystery alt? – No, I have no mystery alts.  I have a couple of building alts for poses and furniture building, and I reserved the name Ima Resident…All of my alts have been named in the forums or on the feeds at some time or other.
  7. Is your SL avatar a reflection of you, or someone you wished you could be? – Ima looks like me, because for some reason I don’t “feel right” when she does not resemble the RL me.  Personality, no, nothing like RL operator.
  8. Is there an individual you met in SL that inspired you in your RL? How? – Yes…inspired, because he has been there done that…usually our conversations revolve around career and I’m quite married to mine…he has offered good advice that I have occasionally, regretfully ignored 😛
  9. Do you feel it is easier to create stronger bonds/relationships with people you meet inworld as opposed to the real world? – This is difficult question…Gah, Berry!  I have always been very shy in RL and I am free of that shyness in SL…to some degree.  Just like RL, I have a group of people that I feel very comfortable with and one person who I just tell everything…lol…poor guy.
  10. Did you ever imagine or believe people could fall in love with someone they never met before Second Life? – Sure, it is not that unbelievable really.
  11. How has your perspective of dating changed (or not) since you started playing second life? – I have a RL significant other so I don’t date in SL. No perspective change for me.
  12. How has your perspective of employment changed (or not) since you started playing second life? – Not really.  After I had my daughter, I wanted to stay home with her for at least the first 24 months.  I had plenty of savings, but I wanted to maintain an income so I consulted from my home office and most of my work took place virtually.  I would say, as you did, that I was somewhat amazed at the ability to make excellent bank selling digital goods and land…but as a gamer…not that far a stretch I don’t suppose.
  13. Name three things in both your lives that overlap each other significantly. – The creativity and love of decorating are the only two things that have a significant overlap.
  14. If you could live your life more immersively in a virtual world, would you? (Kind of like the Matrix) – No…I prefer to know where my heads at all the time 😛
  15. How do you think behavior changes for people if they’re inworld vs in real world? Why do you think that is? – It is hard to say.  For me, it takes the edge off of the shyness.  Some say others are ruder in SL because they can hide, but who really knows if they are a raging asshole in RL or not?  Also, in your RL, you have  far better control over the personality types you deal with than in SL.  I have met individuals that bring out a side of me that I would have otherwise ever known existed.  I’m sure that happens to others as well.
  16. How has second life consumerism changed your perception of spending habits, the value of money, the need to be “bleeding edge” with fashion? – I’m not here enough to be bleeding edge with fashion because it, like most things in SL, change too rapidly for me to keep up.  I spend a lot of money in SL…a stupid amount of money.  What is worse in the constant replacement of gaming laptops just to have the latest Nvidia card…I’m going to stop…I swear…right after I order this next computer…promise!
  17. Do you think virtual worlds like SL drive and redefine human interaction or do they narrow and limit it? – I think it does redefine human interaction, especially for us gamers who were content to lock ourselves in a room, dare human interaction, until that $60 one player game was completed successfully.  The world is becoming more digitally social, but it is not doing much for rl interpersonal skills amongst the emerging generation.
  18. If technology progressed tomorrow to allow you to send emotions to people the way you’d send text or voice messages, would it enrich your SL experience or infringe on it? – INFRINGE!  CODE RED.  DANGER, DANGER!
  19. Name three skills you attribute to having learned or honed in second life alone. – Blender, GIMP, cussing under my breath.
  20. If your grand kids googled your Second Life Avatar’s name, would they be intrigued, disgusted, proud or something else? – All of the above.

More: http://strawberrysingh.com/2014/05/26/20-personal-sl-questions-meme/


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