SL on Steroids! /


There really is no point in linking a bunch of posts about the recent news regarding the LL plan to develop a new VW platform that will be in the “Spirit of SL,” but on steroids. They have probably all been read 100 times, and linked twice as many times. If you have a strong constitution, you probably made it through the SLUniverse thread that banked a good bit of bandwidth with a huge mix of woots, woes, and wtf’s!

Personally, I don’t understand how one single user of SL can not be completely excited about this news. I have seen many people state that they will no longer buy content, rent land, or pay for a premium membership. Great, when profits will no longer sustain the SL of today or allow for the investment into a brand new shiny world, you can thank yourself for showing them who was boss! I have seen others cry that they are devastated at the thought of losing their current SL inventory because they have sentimental ties to it…ummm…go ye now and get Sim On a Stick, back up your precious inventory and upload it to your stick Sim and visit away…Geezus, should LL simply cease any thoughts of moving into a state of current technology in order for you to hang on to your digital memories? Selfish. I have seen people post that LL is using profits that they made off of the creativity of the users to fund this new world…Oh what a cunning plan LL…re-investing profits into your brand…lol…Eye roll.

I have seen creators ask how they should manage their current SL business because they are concerned that LL running two platforms in parallel will cause server strain and prevent business activities from taking place in either world…running two platforms in parallel does not meaning running on the same servers…hell, it sounds like it will be a whole new game engine capable of magic…but you “business” owners really should already know how to plan for business interruptions, transitions, or…worst case scenario, the complete shutdown of the vehicle that currently supports your digi biz. Unless of course you are just RP’ing a business operator and you don’t have any real business acumen. Well, at least there is plenty of time for you USA’ers to LLC your biz to protect your RL assets.

At any rate, I’m very excited about this news, although I admit that the waiting is going to be painful. People are wondering if Ebbe screwed the pooch by letting the cat out of the bag..heheh…but I think it is going to build up a good bit of excited anticipation and time for the news to spread inworld…It would, however be wonderful if Ebbe/or Communications Director would stop saying that “the creators in the new world will be King.” I doubt very much that the extraordinarily talented population of female creators care to grow a penis for the crowning. Put a tiara on it LL.

I can hardly wait to see what they name this new world, keeping my fingers crossed that the best gaming engine available today is going to be used (subjective so I won’t name my fav 🙂 ), and otherwise, continuing to enjoy my SL!