What Are You Looking At?


Just a funny – When I signed on this morning, these two pictures appeared in this order on my Feed homepage and it made me laugh as it appears that Venus is looking up Ian’s skir…I mean kilt. Looks can be deceiving ūüėõ

Speaking of deceiving looks, NWN presented the following:

NWN Graph
Survey Here

Besides the fact that a representative sample, nor a guarantee of unique participants can be determined, the question that is being asked is not the question being answered. ¬† As there is no LL new world as of the writing of this post and at the time of the above survey, the question that was probably answered was more on the order of ¬†“How is¬†the knowledge that Linden Lab is developing a new virtual world changing your current usage of ¬†SL.” ¬† Extrapolating this information into anything meaningful is impossible. ¬†Just more fear mongering¬†or someone comfortable with reporting stats with a less than 2% confidence interval? ¬†Either way, an unnecessary attempt to suggest something based on nothing. ¬†Poor form.

I followed the SLF discussion for a while before I finally had to turn off email notifications to keep my tablet from whistling all night long. ¬†I remain surprised at some of the upset over this most excellent news. ¬†I have seen a fair amount announcing that they will be quitting this bitch before the bitch can quit them, which is hilarious. ¬†I’m surprised that they make it through RL since there has been no official document signed by the promulgated deities and notarized by Jesus stating that the sun will rise and set tomorrow and forevermore.

I don’t understand the proclivity of individuals to demand better performance and utility in the pending new world when both are virtual unknowns at this point. ¬†There is speculation that FBX models will be the new standard, and maybe so, as there are some utilities like Simplygon that can make the mesh incredibly efficient and will play nicely with the asset servers, engines, etc., …all speculation, hell let’s just spread the rumor that LL is developing the first of their kind virtual world engines…It has just has much merit as the rest of the speculative rumors.

I remain optimistic that a majority of the creators are excited about this new venture and are staying the course until such time as it no longer makes sense to do so…and that time will come for SL or the new virtual world. ¬†There is no guarantee that the new world will be a smashing success and if it is not, ¬†SL may live on until there simply is no more support for the antiquated technology upon which it is built. ¬†Alternatively, the new world will¬†be amazing and the ultimate mecca for the creatives and users alike,¬†making¬†¬†SL look like an unwanted¬†old pair of¬†running shoes.

I have noted that there are the following groups posting about the new world:

Creators demanding better tools despite the fact that they have no idea what tools will be available.

Creators that lament the notion of having to create even a fraction of their current digital offerings due to the amount of work involved. ¬†They are here for the money, not the vast creativity, friends, or as a means in which to socialize…They are strictly “show me the money,” types. ¬†Not a problem, the ToS does not say you must have a love and passion for creativity and the platform in order to be allowed to use it to garner an income or bring to life¬†your¬†capitalist dreams in your self-made digital empire.

Users that just want to keep their name and will squat wherever the virtual winds blow.

Users irate over the inability to use TPVs in the new world…even though they don’t know if the new world will require a viewer client.

Users who have no idea that a new world is in development, or what most refer to as the “majority.”

In all that I have read, the only concern that seems to have any degree of validity to it is the notion that the ability to make the most efficient mesh for the new world will require the use of Maya or other very pricey software. ¬† For those creators that are making ends meet with their digital offerings made exclusively in Blender, a free program, that could be an initial set back, but on the other hand…you have what appears to me a few years to save up. ¬†Save up. ¬† For people such as myself, that like to create but just do not have the time to dedicate to it due to career and family, such an expenditure would never make sense. ¬† I suspect my type are the minority user ¬†and that really will not be a huge issue. ¬†Business owners have always known that at some point you must spend money in order to make money.

Until later, happy speculating!







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