Danger-Please Don’t Pet the Alts

I logged into the feed this afternoon and found this nugget:


After posing what are very legit questions to someone who is begging for your hard earned cash, Honehe blocked those that were not giving up the dough and asking questions or providing suggestions instead…which translates into, give me your money and STFU.

People should not be fooled by this kind of panhandling. It was only 7 days ago that Honehe was making a post about an expensive bike “he” purchased:


And…We all know that custom in SL is not cheap…but:


So be smart and don’t pet:

Don’t worry that the elderly woman is going to pass without her dignity intact…Hospices are typically privately funded by non-profits and their services are delivered at no cost to the patient or family, they only ask for donations, not payment for services rendered. You are not donating to this woman anyway if you read his feed post. You are donating to pay his bills.

Most of you feed regulars will recognize Honehe as the decade old friend and one time partner of Kinnaird…who was a long time friend of Seicher Rae. Yes, in their day of glory, it was Honehe Loudwater (HL) and Kinnaird, and Herschel Leaky (HL) and Seicher Rae…LoL. I guess it was easier for her to remember since they had the same initials, HL. Strange that Honehe did not send a private message to Kinnaird the fund raiser to beg funds…lol. It is somewhat reminiscent of Tristesse(sp) coming to the old GD forum and claiming to be SR’s dearest old friend, and an owner of a 250 employee business, while SR was crying on the feeds that because a job could not be located, she would be living under a bridge in just a matter of weeks…Yet her business owner friend was living right there in Ohio and could not offer SR a job to save her from such a terrible plight…Logic, use it.

Ah yes, Kinnaird, she recently posted that she and Honehe entered SL together, but stayed no longer than a week…lol. Kinnaird, not unlike her predecessor, Ellyn Elan a.k.a. Seicher Rae, was intent on Ima voicing her beliefs as to her actual identity when Ima noted inconsistency in Kinnaird’s early postings…She was at an event that occurred prior to her rez date and such…Then she sent me a PM:

Well, that may have been all well and good, except for the fact that at the time she sent that PM, I had not yet told a soul that I thought she was a Seicher Rae alt. Shortly afterwards, I told one person. Pep.

But the clincher that Kinnaird is an SR alt came in the same PM in this statement:


Of course you know SR in RL and “you ain’t her” lol. Subsequently, I had mentioned that I thought she was SR to others, some agreed, and some reported that Kinnaird had reported that she and SR were merely friendly on the feeds, but she did not in fact know SR in real life…oh what a tangled web we weave. All that said, Kinnaird has only been an asshole in PM, when PM was possible, but otherwise, acted as if she had some sense and not of any interest to Ima. Why can’t all of her alts be so well behaved?

I feel fairly confident that SR, Kinnaird, Honehe, and Herchel are all the same person. I can’t prove it…don’t feel like I need to prove it…we are all entitled to our opinions 🙂 Her newest incarnation, Majel, seems harmless as well…but still SR. Most recognized Majel as an SR alt without prompting from Ima, so, I don’t know, SR, might be time to give up the gig.

At any rate, it might be all fun and games with alts when life, liberty, and the Benjamin are not involved…but once the line is crossed, it is wise to pay closer attention. Do not part with your money. A real life honest, desperate, but dedicated to helping themselves, person will offer to pay you back…not just request donations to pay their bills…Be wise. Be aware. Beware.

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