I recall loving the gacha machines that lined the entrances of various stores when I was a kid. My mom had incredible patience as my brother and I fretted which machine would be fed the coins obtained from our hard earned allowance. It was fun and the thrill of the potential take was intense for two five year old kids that had studied the options with great intensity. Our allowance only afforded us one opportunity to win the coveted display prize…which we never did…lol! But like most things, you grow out of the desire to win the molded plastic spider rings or other unidentifiable cheap object….Or do you?

I thought The Arcade gacha events were interesting, novel for SL, and generally entertaining. But, I’m not a collector of things and honestly it is lost on me, this desire to obtain digital tchotchke. Most of which look like pastel colored turds with a beak and black beady eyes to me…oh, and the pastel turds with black beady eyes and some tiny wings added to make it “rare”…lol…but I suppose it is the thrill of the win as opposed to the fact that it is a useless item that will probably be used as a prop one time and eventually end up in a virtual garage sale or deleted from inventory. Like the Ebay addicts that are addicted to the “win” with no real interest in the object up for bid.

If it is not your thing, as it is not mine, it seems no big deal because you are not being held hostage by the gacha squad and forced into non-consensual vendor clicking until you have spent all of your L’s in an attempt to win the potentially useless item…because you can simply not visit such events. Easy enough. However, lately I have noticed that these damn machines are everywhere! It gets a bit irritating to visit a creators in world store see an item, shoes, hair, skin, etc., that you would be more the willing to buy outright, but no…you must attempt to win the object in the color/pattern that you want. It puts me off and I note that I have stopped visiting some of my otherwise favorite creators shops because it appears that some of the more desirable objects are no longer a simple click and buy, but instead an opportunity to throw a bunch of L’s at in an attempt to “win” the one item that you wanted to buy. At this point, it is starting to look like a greed fest and while I’m not opposed to supporting the creatives with my active consumerism, I am not interested in feeding the greedy.

/Rant over.

2 responses to “Gah

  1. I do not mind the gacha events, to each their own, right? Last round I didnt even go to the Arcade (the mother of all Gachas!) simply because the products I saw in blogs and on flickr were ..well…fluffy stuff? Things? I dont like the occasional decoration for a pic, but when I shop I am more into clothing, shoes, hair. I have found myself frequenting yardsales instead…just go and buy what someone else has double/triple/quazilliontimes and no endless trying. The machines in stores lately annoy me somewhat, I may give it one or two tries but that is about it. I would not mind buying the thing I want, for some extra lindens, if that would mean skipping the machine!
    Oh well, as you said, you do not need to try/buy or as some call it ‘play’ (lol) the cacha.

  2. Ah, gachas…

    From a consumer perspective, gachas are a “nope” to me. Gacha items have to be no copy, and in my mind, that translates to:

    – I can’t make a backup to pack it safely
    – It can be eaten at any time by SL, once rezzed – or trying to (and SL seems to prefer no copy items for lunch)

    Also, I just don’t like to play chance games if money is involved. Strip greedy is fine, but betting real money in poker? Nope. Same happens with gachas.

    From a merchant perspective, sure, I could make the easy and fast L$, but I don’t want to frustrate those that would prefer to buy exactly what they want.

    Also, from a merchant perspective, no copy items are a pain in the neck. How many people will try to tell you “I didn’t receive the item” just to get another copy for free?

    I’m probably being an idiot in this, but I’m trying to abide by a no-gacha police in the store. If I ever add a gacha machine, I’ll put the full item next to it, with copy perms, for those that don’t want to play the odds. Like, myself.

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