First Impression of Sansar:

Wow!  I can’t believe it has been so long since my last post!

I was so excited to learn that Sansar was in open beta…and then…I had to embrace disappointment.  Of course, I knew from all that I had read that it was an experienced based system that would not be in any way similar to the Second Life experience that we have all known and grown to love/hate over the years…10 years for me, to be exact!  In honesty though, SL was not much to look at when I first joined back in 2007 but the difference  then was that I did not know any better.  I was enamored with the concept of 3d avatars and virtual living space that could become a rendering of my own imagination…even 10 years later, there is more that I don’t know about SL than I do.

Linden Lab, the holders of the largest bank of data on what humans want, expect, and need, to remain interested/immersed in a virtual environment, appear to have disregarded all of that data.  Huge clunky, stomping, starter avatars…really?  No name tags, which is ok, but a click or mouse over should at least give you a hint as to how you might address your virtual twin/triplet/sextuplet/quintuplet, etc.!  No interactive objects…can’t even sit down and take pixel load off!  The users utilizing VR are at least humorous as they appear to be emerging disease state zombies stomping around the  the experience with arms extended and hurling the interactive objects meant only for them.

Yes, I know, it is beta, and the expectation of creators rushing in to improve the experiences is just a heartbeat away…but, yeah, I still think there was enough data available to ensure that beta entry created a roaring buzz of excitement…not so much.

I’ll keep going back from time to time.  I did manage an upload of a self-created mesh abode….but it was black upon import and my ability to place lights merely illuminated a single section of the build.  That, of course, is not Sansar’s fault-I’m riding the learning curve! Again.

First impressions are important, but I try to remember that if I did not have 10 years in SL, Sansar would be wondrous to me, I think.  Now, it just seems like Blue Mars with the ability to create your own objects in total seclusion…not revolutionary. I still plan to spend the majority of my time in Second Life…but I will check in on Sansar from time to time.  There may be opportunity there.  Currently-the concept and experience feels a bit anemic.





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