First Impression of Sansar:

Wow!  I can’t believe it has been so long since my last post!

I was so excited to learn that Sansar was in open beta…and then…I had to embrace disappointment.  Of course, I knew from all that I had read that it was an experienced based system that would not be in any way similar to the Second Life experience that we have all known and grown to love/hate over the years…10 years for me, to be exact!  In honesty though, SL was not much to look at when I first joined back in 2007 but the difference  then was that I did not know any better.  I was enamored with the concept of 3d avatars and virtual living space that could become a rendering of my own imagination…even 10 years later, there is more that I don’t know about SL than I do.

Linden Lab, the holders of the largest bank of data on what humans want, expect, and need, to remain interested/immersed in a virtual environment, appear to have disregarded all of that data.  Huge clunky, stomping, starter avatars…really?  No name tags, which is ok, but a click or mouse over should at least give you a hint as to how you might address your virtual twin/triplet/sextuplet/quintuplet, etc.!  No interactive objects…can’t even sit down and take pixel load off!  The users utilizing VR are at least humorous as they appear to be emerging disease state zombies stomping around the  the experience with arms extended and hurling the interactive objects meant only for them.

Yes, I know, it is beta, and the expectation of creators rushing in to improve the experiences is just a heartbeat away…but, yeah, I still think there was enough data available to ensure that beta entry created a roaring buzz of excitement…not so much.

I’ll keep going back from time to time.  I did manage an upload of a self-created mesh abode….but it was black upon import and my ability to place lights merely illuminated a single section of the build.  That, of course, is not Sansar’s fault-I’m riding the learning curve! Again.

First impressions are important, but I try to remember that if I did not have 10 years in SL, Sansar would be wondrous to me, I think.  Now, it just seems like Blue Mars with the ability to create your own objects in total seclusion…not revolutionary. I still plan to spend the majority of my time in Second Life…but I will check in on Sansar from time to time.  There may be opportunity there.  Currently-the concept and experience feels a bit anemic.






What I’m working on now….The models I use are from VALEM.  If you enjoy the 3-D version of Paint by Numbers…you will love texturing these models as much as I do!   Next, on to animations…wish me luck!








I recall loving the gacha machines that lined the entrances of various stores when I was a kid. My mom had incredible patience as my brother and I fretted which machine would be fed the coins obtained from our hard earned allowance. It was fun and the thrill of the potential take was intense for two five year old kids that had studied the options with great intensity. Our allowance only afforded us one opportunity to win the coveted display prize…which we never did…lol! But like most things, you grow out of the desire to win the molded plastic spider rings or other unidentifiable cheap object….Or do you?

I thought The Arcade gacha events were interesting, novel for SL, and generally entertaining. But, I’m not a collector of things and honestly it is lost on me, this desire to obtain digital tchotchke. Most of which look like pastel colored turds with a beak and black beady eyes to me…oh, and the pastel turds with black beady eyes and some tiny wings added to make it “rare”…lol…but I suppose it is the thrill of the win as opposed to the fact that it is a useless item that will probably be used as a prop one time and eventually end up in a virtual garage sale or deleted from inventory. Like the Ebay addicts that are addicted to the “win” with no real interest in the object up for bid.

If it is not your thing, as it is not mine, it seems no big deal because you are not being held hostage by the gacha squad and forced into non-consensual vendor clicking until you have spent all of your L’s in an attempt to win the potentially useless item…because you can simply not visit such events. Easy enough. However, lately I have noticed that these damn machines are everywhere! It gets a bit irritating to visit a creators in world store see an item, shoes, hair, skin, etc., that you would be more the willing to buy outright, but no…you must attempt to win the object in the color/pattern that you want. It puts me off and I note that I have stopped visiting some of my otherwise favorite creators shops because it appears that some of the more desirable objects are no longer a simple click and buy, but instead an opportunity to throw a bunch of L’s at in an attempt to “win” the one item that you wanted to buy. At this point, it is starting to look like a greed fest and while I’m not opposed to supporting the creatives with my active consumerism, I am not interested in feeding the greedy.

/Rant over.

Danger-Please Don’t Pet the Alts

I logged into the feed this afternoon and found this nugget:


After posing what are very legit questions to someone who is begging for your hard earned cash, Honehe blocked those that were not giving up the dough and asking questions or providing suggestions instead…which translates into, give me your money and STFU.

People should not be fooled by this kind of panhandling. It was only 7 days ago that Honehe was making a post about an expensive bike “he” purchased:


And…We all know that custom in SL is not cheap…but:


So be smart and don’t pet:

Don’t worry that the elderly woman is going to pass without her dignity intact…Hospices are typically privately funded by non-profits and their services are delivered at no cost to the patient or family, they only ask for donations, not payment for services rendered. You are not donating to this woman anyway if you read his feed post. You are donating to pay his bills.

Most of you feed regulars will recognize Honehe as the decade old friend and one time partner of Kinnaird…who was a long time friend of Seicher Rae. Yes, in their day of glory, it was Honehe Loudwater (HL) and Kinnaird, and Herschel Leaky (HL) and Seicher Rae…LoL. I guess it was easier for her to remember since they had the same initials, HL. Strange that Honehe did not send a private message to Kinnaird the fund raiser to beg funds…lol. It is somewhat reminiscent of Tristesse(sp) coming to the old GD forum and claiming to be SR’s dearest old friend, and an owner of a 250 employee business, while SR was crying on the feeds that because a job could not be located, she would be living under a bridge in just a matter of weeks…Yet her business owner friend was living right there in Ohio and could not offer SR a job to save her from such a terrible plight…Logic, use it.

Ah yes, Kinnaird, she recently posted that she and Honehe entered SL together, but stayed no longer than a week…lol. Kinnaird, not unlike her predecessor, Ellyn Elan a.k.a. Seicher Rae, was intent on Ima voicing her beliefs as to her actual identity when Ima noted inconsistency in Kinnaird’s early postings…She was at an event that occurred prior to her rez date and such…Then she sent me a PM:

Well, that may have been all well and good, except for the fact that at the time she sent that PM, I had not yet told a soul that I thought she was a Seicher Rae alt. Shortly afterwards, I told one person. Pep.

But the clincher that Kinnaird is an SR alt came in the same PM in this statement:


Of course you know SR in RL and “you ain’t her” lol. Subsequently, I had mentioned that I thought she was SR to others, some agreed, and some reported that Kinnaird had reported that she and SR were merely friendly on the feeds, but she did not in fact know SR in real life…oh what a tangled web we weave. All that said, Kinnaird has only been an asshole in PM, when PM was possible, but otherwise, acted as if she had some sense and not of any interest to Ima. Why can’t all of her alts be so well behaved?

I feel fairly confident that SR, Kinnaird, Honehe, and Herchel are all the same person. I can’t prove it…don’t feel like I need to prove it…we are all entitled to our opinions 🙂 Her newest incarnation, Majel, seems harmless as well…but still SR. Most recognized Majel as an SR alt without prompting from Ima, so, I don’t know, SR, might be time to give up the gig.

At any rate, it might be all fun and games with alts when life, liberty, and the Benjamin are not involved…but once the line is crossed, it is wise to pay closer attention. Do not part with your money. A real life honest, desperate, but dedicated to helping themselves, person will offer to pay you back…not just request donations to pay their bills…Be wise. Be aware. Beware.

What Are You Looking At?


Just a funny – When I signed on this morning, these two pictures appeared in this order on my Feed homepage and it made me laugh as it appears that Venus is looking up Ian’s skir…I mean kilt. Looks can be deceiving 😛

Speaking of deceiving looks, NWN presented the following:

NWN Graph
Survey Here

Besides the fact that a representative sample, nor a guarantee of unique participants can be determined, the question that is being asked is not the question being answered.   As there is no LL new world as of the writing of this post and at the time of the above survey, the question that was probably answered was more on the order of  “How is the knowledge that Linden Lab is developing a new virtual world changing your current usage of  SL.”   Extrapolating this information into anything meaningful is impossible.  Just more fear mongering or someone comfortable with reporting stats with a less than 2% confidence interval?  Either way, an unnecessary attempt to suggest something based on nothing.  Poor form.

I followed the SLF discussion for a while before I finally had to turn off email notifications to keep my tablet from whistling all night long.  I remain surprised at some of the upset over this most excellent news.  I have seen a fair amount announcing that they will be quitting this bitch before the bitch can quit them, which is hilarious.  I’m surprised that they make it through RL since there has been no official document signed by the promulgated deities and notarized by Jesus stating that the sun will rise and set tomorrow and forevermore.

I don’t understand the proclivity of individuals to demand better performance and utility in the pending new world when both are virtual unknowns at this point.  There is speculation that FBX models will be the new standard, and maybe so, as there are some utilities like Simplygon that can make the mesh incredibly efficient and will play nicely with the asset servers, engines, etc., …all speculation, hell let’s just spread the rumor that LL is developing the first of their kind virtual world engines…It has just has much merit as the rest of the speculative rumors.

I remain optimistic that a majority of the creators are excited about this new venture and are staying the course until such time as it no longer makes sense to do so…and that time will come for SL or the new virtual world.  There is no guarantee that the new world will be a smashing success and if it is not,  SL may live on until there simply is no more support for the antiquated technology upon which it is built.  Alternatively, the new world will be amazing and the ultimate mecca for the creatives and users alike, making  SL look like an unwanted old pair of running shoes.

I have noted that there are the following groups posting about the new world:

Creators demanding better tools despite the fact that they have no idea what tools will be available.

Creators that lament the notion of having to create even a fraction of their current digital offerings due to the amount of work involved.  They are here for the money, not the vast creativity, friends, or as a means in which to socialize…They are strictly “show me the money,” types.  Not a problem, the ToS does not say you must have a love and passion for creativity and the platform in order to be allowed to use it to garner an income or bring to life your capitalist dreams in your self-made digital empire.

Users that just want to keep their name and will squat wherever the virtual winds blow.

Users irate over the inability to use TPVs in the new world…even though they don’t know if the new world will require a viewer client.

Users who have no idea that a new world is in development, or what most refer to as the “majority.”

In all that I have read, the only concern that seems to have any degree of validity to it is the notion that the ability to make the most efficient mesh for the new world will require the use of Maya or other very pricey software.   For those creators that are making ends meet with their digital offerings made exclusively in Blender, a free program, that could be an initial set back, but on the other hand…you have what appears to me a few years to save up.  Save up.   For people such as myself, that like to create but just do not have the time to dedicate to it due to career and family, such an expenditure would never make sense.   I suspect my type are the minority user  and that really will not be a huge issue.  Business owners have always known that at some point you must spend money in order to make money.

Until later, happy speculating!